In 2006, Peter Vasquez started Second Chance Grace, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.  For the past 14 years S.C.G has been working providing PREVENTION/INTERVENTION Services to youth and young adults nationally.  After spending many years in prison and after much self-reflection over the span of those years, Peter decided to change his life away from the direction and damage that landed him there, his first-hand knowledge gives him the background, compassion and understanding for how to touch the hearts and open the eyes of our youth today.

​Second Chance Grace's purpose is to bring awareness and education to our youth and young adults, conflicted by today's negative attractions to unwholesome-like behavior and bad choices.  SCG focuses on the influence and impact of media, peer pressure, bullying, drug and alcohol use, domestic violence among teens, fear and low self-esteem in our youth.

​We have seen that PREVENTION is much more needed in schools, detention centers, and corrections across the state.

​This Cell Project which had been a vision for S.C.G. for at least 8 years we feel is the Prevention Tool needed to help youth understand consequences before they are in them.  Youth today are visual and that is the reason for the Cell Project.

​The Cell Project starts with a PowerPoint Presentation Assembly which thereafter youth will take a tour of the mobile prison cell inside of an enclosed trailer which will have audio of remorseful inmates and educational material of awareness.

​This will NOT be a scared straight tactic this will be only about people with regrets.  It is not just educating our youth and young adults on consequences and what not to do, but as well as positive consequences and what to say YES to.  We feel will help them become positive role models in their communities.

​If you would like to sponsor a school, event or facility of your choice please contact

Peter Vasquez Executive Director/Founder.

Second Chance Grace, Inc.

(208) 703-6930